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Tourism and entertainment in Donetsk

Dear Sirs! Our Hotel in Donetsk invites you to explore numerous cultural and historical treasures and discover a fun and exciting side of the city.

Excursions in Donetsk:

1. Sightseeing Tour

Lenin Square, Donetsk Regional History Museum, Mertsalovs palm tree, Donbass World War II Liberation Monument, slag heaps, the City Council building, forged sculptures park, memorials to prominent local figures, artists and athletes, Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theater, Donetsk Drama Theater, the oldest hotel in Donetsk, Donetsk Philharmonic Concert Hall, views of the Kalmius river, Tsar Cannon, the Bochum Bell, Old Town Yuzovka, Pushkin Boulevard, The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. .

2. Donetsk Parks, Gardens and Boulevards Tour

Scherbakov Amusement Park, Pushkin Boulevard, Shevchenko Boulevard, Hotel Victoria Recreational Area, Donbass Arena Stadium Recreational Area, Botanical Garden, the Kalmius river waterfront, forged sculptures park.

3. Donetsk Metallurgical Plant Tour

The Museum of Donetsk Metallurgic Plant, the latest achievements of techniques and technology of smelting, the Orthodox Church of the Prelates Ignatiy Mariupolskyy on the territory of the plant.

4. Fine Arts in Donetsk Tour

Donetsk Regional Arts Museum, the Gallery of modern Arts "Art-Gallery 13", salon-gallery of modern Italian Painting "Paduano-Arte", Pushkins Boulevard a small Arbat in Donetsk (exhibition and sale of Donetsk artists pictures), park of sculptures "Ukrainian steppe."

5. Sports in Donetsk Tour

Sports life of the city, achievements of our eminent towns-men, the biggest sports facilities of Donetsk, "Donbas Arena" the first stadium in the Eastern Europe, built according to the standards of UEFA of "Elite" category (five stars), museum of football team "Shakhter", the stature of Sergey Bubka, Regional Sports Complex "Olimpiyskyy" and other remarkable sights and places of Donetsk.

6. Svyatogorsk Cathedral Tour

The Svyatogorskaya Lavra of St. Dormition is the architectural complex of V-ղ centuries, the Dormition Cathedral is the main temple of the Lavra of St.Dormition, the Intercession Cathedral with the bell tower, cave complex of Svyatogorskoy Lavra, Kirillo-Mefodievskaya stairs, the Church of Nikolay, the Chapel of Andrey, the burial place of Anchoret St.Ioann Svyatogorskyy, memorial of the Great Patriotic War, the monument of Bolshevik revolutionary Sergeyev Fedor Andreyevich (Artem), the Kamyshevs Oak.

7. Artemovsk Winery Tour

Artemovsk Champaign Factory is a unique in the world which is situated 75 meters under ground, visiting of alabaster adits, the history of manufacturing of Champaign, sampling of 5-7 sorts of vines produced at the plant.

8. Soledar Salt Mines Tour
in the list of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO

The labyrinths of underground salt Kingdom, salt sculptures, the Merzalovs Palm Tree from rock salt, salt football field, symphonic music in the unique concert hall, interesting facts about the miracle cure of salt, salt therapy.

9. Excursion to Nikolskoye

St.Vasilyevskyy Monastery: the Church of St. Vasyliy, the Temple of St. Nikolas the Miracle-Worker, the refectory church of All Saints, the Holy Spring, house and burial vault of the Monastery founder the Elder Archimandite Zosima, more than 200 fractions of Holy relics, gathered from the whole Orthodox world, the miracle-working icons: of Holy Martyrs Panteliymon with the fractions of the holy relics, the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God "Quick to Hearken", the miracle-working icon of St. Ioann Kronshtadskyy.

10. Other places of interest

Khomutovskaya Steppe Natural Reserve.
Velikoanadolskiy Forest, Forest Museum, Botanical Garden, Ostrich Farm.
The Zoo in Dokuchaevsk.
Dobrovskyy forest the place where according to the legend anarchist Nestor Makhno hided his treasures, the village Krasnoye museum of composer S. Prokofiyev, St. Petropavlovskaya Church.
Conservation area "Stone Graves".
The rockdrome in Zuyevka settlement, "Yunkom" mine the first underground nuclear explosion, the ancient stone woman.
Amvrosiyevka the ancient graveyard of bison.
Druzhkovka stone trees deposits (the second one is in the National Park of USA), the ex-country estate of merchant Yeliseyev.
Ancient settlements of the Greeks and Germans along the Kalmius River.

Cinema Theatres, Theatres:

Cinema "Multiplex Donetsk City"

130, Artema str., Tel. for tickets reservation: 2066217, auto answer: 2066218, Reference: 2066000, 3885580.

Cinema "Zvezdochka" (Star)

57, Universitetskaya str., Tel.: 3350985, ticket office: 3370017, auto answer: 3871414.

Cinema "Kinokult"

35, Vatutina ave., Tel.: 3048802.

Cinema "Shevchenko"

123, Artema str., l.: auto answer: 3373158, ticket office: 3053075, reference: 3110311.

Cinema "Multiplex Golden Ring"

2, Pavshikh Kommunarov sq. l. for tickets reservation: 3456489, auto answer: 3456488.

Donetsk Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre

74a, Artema str. Tel.: Reception room: 3052863, ticket office: 3053266.

A.B.Solovyanenkos Donetsk Academic State Theatre of Opera and Ballet

82, Artema str., Tel. for reference: 3053801.

Donetsk Regional Local History Museum:

189a, Chelyuskintsev str., Tel.: Advance booking for excursion, reference: 3110757, 553474, 555429.
Sightseeing tours:
1. Donetsk land from the ancient till the beginning of 20th century
2. Nature, history and modern times of Donetsk region
3. Flora and fauna of Donetsk region
4. Folk culture of Donbass of the end of XIX beginning of XX centuries
5. Donetsk region at the modern stage
Subject tours:
1. Geological history of Donetsk land
2. Minerals of Donetsk region
3. Conservation areas of Donetsk region
4. Azov Sea and the problem of its protection
5. Tourism and conservation of natural resources
6. The ancient times on the territory of Donetsk land
7. Donetsk land in the Middle Ages
8. Settlements of Zaporozhkiye Cossacks on the Donetsk steppe
9. Donetsk land from the second half of XIX till thebeginning of XX centuries (1861-1917 .). The History of Yuzovka
10. Donetsk land from the end of XVII till the first half of XIX cc
11. The October Revolution and Donetsk land
12. Donbass during the period of five-years plan
13. Donbass during the period of Great Patriotic War
14. Donbass gave them inspiration (the outstanding people of Donbass: S.Prokofyev, Yu.Gulyayev, A.Solovyanenko, V.Pisarev)
15. Modern social and economic development and political situation in Donetsk region
16. Trades and handcrafts in Donetsk land
17. Cloth of the population of Donetsk land
18. Spiritual values of Ukrainian hut
19. Calendar holidays and folk law of the Ukrainian people
20. Wedding ceremony of Ukrainian and Greek
21. Upbringing of the children rural population from the beginning of XIX till the end of XX centuries.

Clubs, bars, restaurants near the Hotel Econom:

Night Club "Chicago"

123, Artema str., l: 3356488.

Italina Restaurant "Mario"

130, Artema str., business-center of Donetsk-City. l.: 2066226

Music Club "Live music bar Liverpool"

131a, Artema str., l.: 3125488, 3125489. Party Salon "NLO de Lux"

89, Illyicha ave., l.: 3859535, 3131066.

Restaurant Africa

153a, Naberezhnaya str., l.: 3376376.

Etno-restaurant "Ye-moye"

15d, Illyicha ave., l.: 3859566, 3859567.

The Theatre of Cuisine "Dom sinoptikov" (The House of Weather Forecasters)

89, Illyicha ave., el.: 3859955.

Tavern "Korsar"

27, Komsomolskyy ave., l.: 3375164, 3040404.

Restaurant "Seul"

125, Artema str., Tl.: 3043360.

Mexican etno-restaurant "Tequila Boom"

25, Pushkin boulevard, l.: 3817575, 3810999.

Restaurant "Yuzovskaya brewing company"

129b, Artema str., l.: 2089800.

Irish Pub "Golden Lion"

76, Artema str., Tl: 3817676, 3817373.

Bar, Music Club "Gung'yu'bazz"

3, Shevchenko str., l.: 3450598, 3450998.

Bar "Bikers bar"

123, Artema str. l.: 3450538.

Trade and entertainment Centers:

Decor Donbass

4, Generala Antonova str.

Donetsk City

130, Artma str.

Belyi Lebed (White Swan)

143, Artema str.

Golden Ring

2, Pavshikh Kommunarov sq.


50a, Artema str.